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So, as I’ve previously mentioned, all my artworks are created along with a short story. At an exhibition the short story is revealed and given with the sale of the artwork. So this is one of those short stories that accompanies the artwork “Hope”.




The world out there is frighteningly dark. Like there is no hope in its vast sparsity for any beauty, for any life. I peak from my hard encasing behind the greenery and see only a pitch black of nothing. So I hide myself again, feeling alone and vulnerable. Days go by and still I hide, a useless creature with nothing to cling to but myself and my own cocoon of safety. I am safe, I am protected, nothing can hurt me and the darkness cannot reach me here.

Time passes and I grow bored. My world is becoming too small as I grow behind my barrier of foliage. My velvety arms peak past the green cocoon and I am restless. I have realized a small truth, I am lonely. Having hidden myself for so long I kept my world small and isolated, thinking that would be my only safety. I needed to stretch, and open myself to possible destruction because the version of myself I was now has nothing but fear of the unknown and no real hope of courage.

Tentatively I peel back the green protection leaving it to hang beneath me, but within reach should I need it. I stand in the darkness exposed as a small helpless bud, naked of all defences. I deeply long to go back to my small encasing, but I wanted to learn courage and so I forced myself to stand bare. My form remained compact in the hopes no one would notice me in the darkness. I tremble from the effort and one of my velvet arms unfurl to steady myself. I am okay, nothing has happened and the darkness around me does not attack.

Then, my eyes adjust to the darkness. I realize it’s not the black death of emptiness I assumed and hid from. The darkness holds streaks of colour within it. There’s blue and red in the distance and something more. A breeze blows and uncovers the undertones of sweet scents I had never noticed. As I unfurled another velvet arm I heard small sounds, a gentle rustling and a singing wind. I knew I was not alone and the darkness was not empty, it was protecting all of us. I felt different as I slowly started to open to this dark and strange world because now I had something to hold onto. Now I had hope that there was more and with that hope I could truly live.


Knowledge cannot be gained when you hide in the dark with your eyes and ears shut to the world around you. It takes courage to hear what you don’t want to hear and it’s important to remember that if you open your eyes and listen, you will find you are not alone. If you look for it, there is always hope somewhere in the deep darkness.

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