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This drawing was one donated for charity and this is the story that accompanied it.



Close your eyes, take a breath and sink below the surface. Listen carefully to the absence of everything. The water has a sound, gentle and subtle. The rumbling of the calm after a storm. It fills your mind, the pressure of it strong but soothing like you’re becoming a part of the water. Your hair moves with the ripples, twirling around you. Becoming vines of seaweed or soft feathery fins brushing against your face, your body, your mind. Connected to those feathery arms are tiny fish, gently carrying you away from all your thoughts and troubles. There’s a scent of roses that can be tasted on the water, as if blooms grow entangled within the feathery fins. Everything is intertwined to become this new world. The fish twirl around one another like tiny dancers moving towards each other against the tide. Tendrils of themselves twist and turn into the shadows of the water, letting light peak through and bring the image of roses between the lovelorn swimmers.


The roses are fragile, gentle things, swaying in the water. Their velvet buds release bubbles as they open, creating another layer to the surreal world beneath the surface. Even the water has substance here, as gentle shadows play alongside the fish and wild blooms. It is an oasis. A place of peace and strange eerie noiselessness save the hum of water. Everything in this world is entwined with everything else and their tangled existence is harmoniously balanced. It’s a rarity. A moment in time where really nothing else matters but seeing that moment without anything else getting in the way.


Soon though, the need to breath consumes you and this world fades as darkness fills your vision. Struggling for air you break away from the world you had become intertwined within and gasp in air. The moment is lost. That world destroyed. The vines and fins were only the bedraggled split ends of your hair and the blooms are gone, only the smell of overpowering rose soap remains. Even the bubbles have dissipated. You’re alone in the bath, naked and the cold is seeping into your exposed flesh. With it comes the troubles of your life. You try to escape under the surface again, but that world and moment is lost. Only the stark contrast of reality remains where nothing is intertwined and you are alone. Again.


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