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Exciting News!!!! I am finally at a stage where my artwork is finally reaching a standard that I can accept as part of my solo exhibition. Which means a few things. It means my list of projects to do is becoming smaller for my exhibition and very soon I will need to start seriously approaching galleries about a possible exhibition date. (This is terrifying as it means gallery curators will be assessing my art and I’m not impervious to the pain rejection will create. After all, I have been painting for 10 years now but until this point in time most artworks have been thrown in the black scrap book or destroyed due to imperfections.) As a perfectionist only 3 percent of projects pass the planning stages. Anyway, back to the exciting news ….


I now have a tiny minute amount of time between painting in my studio, my part-time job in retail (because lets face it art supplies are super expensive and my abstract paintings use hundreds of dollars of paint!) and my other job as a Relief Teacher (Which I am loving and has the bonus of paying more). This tiny moment of free time while the paint dries on various artworks in progress, will be spent creating a small and fun little Art Shop. Yay!!!!

On Instagram and Facebook many of you have asked if I have prints or cards made up from my sketches… This is something I’ve always wanted to do and with the extra money from Teaching I can now create a few!!! I’ve always disliked cards that have words splattered all over them or are occasion specific because it lacks flexibility and I love unique blank cards, so now I will have cards available for sale that will be made up from my drawings and paintings. Very exciting.

The shop will also be stocking Signed Limited Edition Prints of my Drawings. There will only be a certain amount of each one made and once they have sold, that is it. The paper they will be printed on is museum grade Art Paper.

Another item the shop will stock is certain unique 3D modeled items that I will be designing and creating from scratch on a 3D CAD program starting this week. These models are designed by me to work with canvas so that they can be painted on as small trials for a 3D canvas corset dress design. I’m going to need to practice both my CAD design skills, 3D printing skills and innovative experimentation skills in order to get these little sample projects perfect before I try my hand at the very impressive and overly complicated project that will need to be done on a much larger scale. Items in this section will be a range of eclectic and abstract painted creations such as phone covers, skeletal bow ties, hair pieces and basic shoe design. By creating these hand stitched and hand painted creations I hope to fund a my larger scaled projects which are very expensive to produce. Yet, I can’t help but want to make my art larger and more impressive as it still falls short of the scale it hits in my imagination. Either way, these samples will bring any issues or skills I need to refine to light so that once again the standard for my exhibition will be as high as I personally demand from myself. It’s not enough that those exhibition pieces be good. They must transform your imaginations when the light go off as well as when they are lain bare beneath the fluorescent glare of a gallery.

Hmmm…. once again I have begun to ramble offtrack.

Lastly, I’m still not sure if I should do this, but I am considering selling a few older not as refined artworks that were more sample and trial projects designed primarily as research, observational and developmental trial work. Most are small artworks with flaws that generally I would put into the book of good things to remember, however I think it might be a little nicer to give people who can’t afford a main exhibition artwork that I spent months creating to purchase a small authentic artwork by me. Of course, those 3D modeled canvas works are also authentic and done by hand so either the practical art or developmental art could be a fun thing to have in a small online shop….


Now I know the shop to start with will not have the major pieces I plan to exhibit, however I do intend to sell those during the exhibition sometime towards the end of this year. They will be on sale there but feel free to send me a private message if you are interested in any works that are displayed either in the Gallery on Instagram as there are quite a few I still have not decided on whether they will be exhibition pieces. One artwork is already reserved by a buyer and if anyone is set on owning an exhibition piece, they can purchase it through any of my contact links under the promise that they will loan it back to me for the duration of the exhibition. When I find a gallery with curators who like my work and have a gallery space large enough to display my much larger exhibition pieces as I see them in my vision.

ps. Current Works in progress for the exhibition will be more up to date on Instagram, however I will try to be more responsible when it comes to updating my website. 😉 It’s just a little too easy for the website to slip my mind between two jobs, painting in my studio and getting the finer kinks in project plans ironed out as perfectionism takes time 🙂


Thank you for reading some more rambling and ignoring any spellcheck or grammatical errors because I didn’t have time to proofread (very unprofessional of me  I know)…. I appreciate it… and I’m genuinely excited about a shop. I always intended my drawings to become either tattoos or cards so having one of these done makes me a little giddy, not for the money but to see that my work is becoming polished enough to be coveted as produced and printed item. XD


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