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This world is filled with mindless ramblings and bursts of inspiring fantasies. Some of these are creative, others self-reflective and a few are spontaneous treasures of truth and all of them have the potential to be put into the form of words. This is where I will form my words of all these wondrous things and it is my hope that somewhere, someone, will find some kind of inspiration or strength from them in a way that I myself have found through the writings and ramblings of others.

Words hold a certain amount of power to them when used correctly and it is their ability to inspire that keeps me so smitten with the written word. That is why, when it comes to my art, every single piece actually has a short story created in relation to the artwork. I may include one or two of these within my blog posts as snippets of how art and word can work together to make an audience consider their perception of not only the work, but the world. In a perfect world, everyone can think critically and comprehend the layers beyond what is on the surface and the tangents the stories create with the artworks are a small window into a different point of view to the artwork.

Since I am not a professional writer and my knowledge falls more onto essays of fact, my stories may not be as eloquent or as awe inspiring as the works of professional writers, however, it will give my audience the ability to see how I myself sometimes think and what I think of during the creation of an artwork. A rose is not just a rose to me, it is a fragile spiral of velvet that has lived a life filled with struggle against mocking winds and invading critters. It’s important to recognize that nothing is really just a pretty picture. A good example of this is a child’s drawing, while lacking in technique they do not just draw their family because it is all they know and see, they draw what their young minds are most influenced by and how they draw their family be it smiling, together or apart is the simplistic reality that they in their sweet innocence see their family. It is art worthy for any fridge and for a smiling family drawn, it is a symbol of contentment and that the child feels safe and happy with their family.

As you may have noticed already, when writing my mind wanders and I tend to ramble and wander off track to wherever the words take me. Generally they take me on tangents, so for that I apologize. (Hence the over talking and screaming accompanying punk head image).

So in the spirit of keeping this blog from running too much on tangents, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy and have fun reading the coming posts while I spend this year painting, creating and planning for my first solo exhibition.

It’s going to be a busy and fun year, which I will take great pleasure in sharing with any readers.

Life Drawing - 2007 - Punk it - Copy

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