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Just a little update on recent happenings…

Recently, my artwork was donated for an exhibition and Silent Auction for Stop the Mets (Metastatic breast cancer research). I was very proud to have my work exhibited in the No Vacancy QV Gallery and I was ecstatic that my large abstract piece got the highest bid of the exhibition!

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m very reluctant to exhibit and sell my work, so this exhibition was a step forward for me. As an artist who can be very self critical when it comes to my art, having work on display in a professional gallery where complete strangers review and talk about my work is absolutely terrifying. Yet, I was surprised and extremely happy that everyone seemed to only have good feedback (even when I didn’t tell them I was the artist.) The acceptance and unknowing praise showered on my work gave me a little confidence to consider looking for a space to show my first solo exhibition. Fingers crossed I find somewhere willing to be flexible with the space for both paintings and installations. Of course, the longer it takes to find a space the more courage I can muster as to how many artworks in my collection will make the cut!

Back to the topic at hand… all 3 artworks sold, so I was forced to hand over the Letters of Authenticity and their accompanying short stories to the artworks new owners. I did manage to meet one of the new owners of my drawing Intertwined and she was so lovely. Her happiness and the care in which she handled my work went a long way in making me feel much better about letting go of a drawing that I had worked on any chance I got over a period of 3 months. When you add a little to a work every day or so you become extremely attached to it. You often hear artists mention that there is a little part of themselves in each artwork they create, this is definitely true for me as well even if it is cliche to say 😉 .

I am incredibly grateful for anyone who bid on my artworks or even took the time to enjoy seeing them displayed on the wall of the gallery. Hopefully it created a little anticipation for my still in creation future solo exhibition. Unfortunately my work takes hundreds of hours to create over a long period of time as each layer dries ever so slowly so it may still be a bit off. However, I have been inspired by this experience to begin releasing some of my smaller artworks for group shows in the mean time while I complete the larger solo exhibition pieces. 🙂 Perhaps this great cause did more than raise money for a good cause, it let me see that I shouldn’t be afraid to show my artwork because people seemed to enjoy seeing it!


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